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Latest Saturday, July 22, 2017

People Whined About Beyonce's Wax Figure Being 'Too White'

UC Berkeley's War on Free Speech Takes Hit With Ben Shapiro Announcement

CA Man Sues Lottery for Refusing to Pay Out $5 Million on Winning Scratcher

Experts Warn That ISIS Could Weaponize Bubonic Plague To Wipe Out Cities

Report: Susan Rice Met Privately With Senate Intelligence Committee Investigators About Russia Probe

Islam’s Caliph Erdogan Betrays US – Leaks Secret Locations Of All US Troops In Syria

Government Teaches Little Girl Selling Lemonade is Bad

Chuck Schumer Sees Massive Drop in Favorability Ratings

“They May Have Information We Don’t” – Are The Elite Preparing For A Cataclysmic Event?

Linda Sarsour's Jihad Against America & President Trump

News You Can Use for July 22, 2017

Clinton Email Scandal Bombshell: 7,000 Documents From Weiner Laptop Turned Over By FBI

Radical Leftist Teacher in Berkeley Arrested for Organizing Violence in Sacramento

Tea Party Claims Victory After 8-Year Battle With IRS

NRA Host Gives Chilling Warning, 'White Families Will be Tortured and Killed’

Lou Dobbs to President Trump: Clean House By Firing Mueller and Gutting DOJ

Maxine Waters: I'll Run For President "If Millennials Want Me To"

Hacked or Nah? Strange Tweets Posting from Chester Bennington's Widow's Account

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