Sunday, July 23, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, July 23, 2017

Maine's Mary Jane May Take Drastic Price Hike Due To Reworked Tax Rate

New York Restaurant Dictates How Many Drinks Parents Can Consume On Site

Scaramucci Ready to Tackle White House Leaks With "Drastic Action"

Media Watch: The 8 Worst Examples of Media Bias from this Last Week

Things Have Changed Significantly in Forty Years, Home is Still Where a Family Lives

If You’re Going to get Sick – Better do it Before Single Payer

Following Muslim Killer Cop Shooting, Mayor Betsy Hodges Calls on Muslims to File "Hate Crimes"

MSNBC Pundit says Trump made Staff Changes for this Ridiculous Reason

Military Just Warned Americans To Expect WAR With North Korea

A "Trans-racial" Black Woman is Causing Liberal Heads to Spin

News You Can Use for July 23, 2017

Singer Claims She Feels 'Unsafe' in Trump's America: 'Can't Even Look at an American Flag Anymore'

Lawlessness In the Corridors of Congress, the Chamber of the Supreme Court, and On All Levels

Hungary PM: Soros & E.U. Want a "Mixed, Muslimized Europe"

ICE Is Planning on Targeting Gang Members

A Living Constitution Provides No Stability

Media Reports Venezuelan Chaos Without Mentioning Socialism

Lawyers for Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman call for autopsy to see if victim was on Ambien

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