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No Guns? No Show! James Johnson Home of Blues Concert Cancelled

“The Cartel Has Completely Devastated The Metals Market… Causing Serious Problems In Other Minerals Outside Of Precious Metals”

Democrat Leader Admits Hillary Clinton was a Terrible Presidential Candidate

Shock Report: CBO Scoring of GOP Obamacare Repeal Wildly Inaccurate!

Will Senate Republicans Oppose Trump Agenda over AG Jeff Sessions?

Transblind: Woman 'Identifies' as Blind, Uses Chemicals to Blind Herself Forever

U.S. Navy: Warning Shots have been Fired

Deep State Coup! John Brennan Openly Calls for Officials to Go Rogue against Trump

The Democrats' Best Friend

Self-Motivated Man William Guinn, Jr. Achieves Goal of Joining the Army

Shock Poll: Kid Rock Pummeling Democrat Incumbent in Senate Race

News You Can Use for July 25, 2017

Democrat's Best Friend

Evangelical Pastor Claims Knowledge of Plan to Violently Overthrow POTUS

House of Blues Cancels Country Concert After Singer Refuses to Disarm

Obama Planned For Boots On The Ground in America on Election Day 2016

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Continues to Accelerate Unconstitutional Civil Asset Forfeiture

U.S. Senator Suggests Government Regulation for Gargantuan Google

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