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Latest Saturday, July 29, 2017

Transgenders in the Military: The 2 Looming Questions

China Shows Tech Companies Collude with Big Brother

Ohio Woman's Frantic 911 Call: 'There's a Boa Constrictor on My Face'

Latest Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Exposes Their Disregard For "Law" When Performing Abortions

North Korea's Latest Launch Shows Scary Range, Denver in Crosshairs

Colleges Treat Conservatives as Enemies, But Would Welcome a Guantanamo Inmate Yelling Death to America

The Muslim Brotherhood Security Breach in Congress

Democrat Muslim IT Spy Ring Sent Sensitive Intel to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

House Passes Emergency VA Choice Program Bill On Second Try With Zero Objection

Scaramucci and Priebus at War?

Democrat-Backed Creators of the “Trump Dossier” were Paid Russian Agents

Alex Jones Warns Of Trump Assassination Threat: “They’re Going To Blow Him And His Family Up… They Want Them All”

Russia Strikes Back against Congressional Sanctions

Trump Uses Police Speech To Blast De Blasio…IN LONG ISLAND

Viral LGBT Center "Arson" Video Possibly a Hoax, Suspect Was Member

Busted! Fake Police Department Obtains $1.2 of Military Weapons and Gear from US Government

Columbia University Hosts Conference to Fight Whiteness in Education

BREAKING NEWS: Reince's Reign Ends, General Kelly To Right the Ship

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