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Missouri Rolls Back Minimum Wage Hike In Effort To Bolster Business

Trump's Twitter Bully Pulpit Is Causing The Left To Tremble

CNN Employees Feel Payback from Internet

A Squandered Legacy: The Deception, Failure and Retreat of Barack Obama

Steve Scalise's Condition Worsens, Congressman Readmitted to ICU

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George Soros Behind Funding of Trump Travel Ban Protests

Could Saudi-Qatar Spat Spiral Into Another World War? “Battle Lines Are Being Drawn”

14 Facts That Prove That America’s Absolutely Pathetic System Of Public Education Deserves An ‘F’ Grade

Foiled Again, and Again

Will Puerto Rico be #51?


Bill Gates Wants Europe to Have Borders Again

Homosexual Orgy Busted in Vatican Apartment

An Open Letter to CNN

Vast Majority Of Trump Supporters Ready To Strike North Korea

Trump's First Paycheck Going To Restore Historic Civil War Battlefield

Fireworks or Gunshots? Chicago Sees Massive Shootings for July 4th Weekend

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