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VA Student Lands 100 Days in Jail After Registering Deceased Voters

San Francisco Pays Illegal Alien $190,000 in TaxPayer Money to Stay

The Make-Believe Muzzle

Guess Who Edited the “Independent” Reviews That Say Monsanto’s Round-Up Is NOT Carcinogenic?

Canada Sends Troops to U.S. Border To Greet Asylum Seekers

Dutch Airlines Messes Up the LGBTQ Narrative

Art of Strategic Patience

News You Can Use for August 10, 2017

McConnell Rips Trump as Trump Endorses Establishment's Luther Strange Over Roy Moore in Alabama

12 Critical Events That Are Going To Happen Over A 40 Day Period From August 21st To September 30th

Trump Vs. The Swamp: I'll Bet on the Former

School Schemes for Proportional Representation of Races in Honors Classes [VIDEO]

New York Times Fake News on Climate Change

Google’s Goal: Program Americans for Totalitarianism

DHS Reports on How Many Federal Prisoners Are Illegals

Clinton Author: Justice Department Offered Hillary Plea Bargain

ACLU Stands Up For Milo in Free Speech Advertising Suit

Turncoat McConnell Blames Trump's Ambition For Do-Nothing Congress

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