Sunday, August 13, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, August 13, 2017

Texas Border Wall Protest Aims to Upend Yet Another Trump Promise

North Korea on "Standby To Launch" Nuclear Missiles to Annihilate USA

Who could we get to Replace Mitch McConnell?

Mistaking Jihad for Mental Illness

Newly-confirmed Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer Breaks With Trump On Transgenders

To Defend Against Hamas and Radical Islam, Israel Goes Underground

USGS Says California Needs Close Monitoring Of 8 Active Volcanoes

Victory by Evacuation: the Battle for our Children's Minds

News You Can Use for August 13, 2017

Michael Savage: Trump Hinting At Using Neutron Bomb To Target North Korea's Regime – Spare Innocents

Vehicle Plows Into Protesters In Charlottesville, VA – 1 Dead, At Least 19 Injured (Video)

State Department Hosts Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups

Migrants Storm Spanish Beach in Full View of Sunbathers (Video)

Young Autistic Boy Screams for Help as Bullies Nail Wooden Plank to His Head

Charlottesville Civil War: One Dead, Dozens Injured in Car Attack

Ireland’s First LGBT Prime Minister: Babies Don’t Deserve To Live Because ‘They Don’t Have The Same Human Rights’

Report: Barack Obama Will Return to Politics [VIDEO]

Herman Cain Lays Verbal Smackdown on "Songbird" McCain

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