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Venezuelan Leader May Have a Target on Mario Rubio's Back

Silicon Valley Control Freaks Are on a Suicide Mission [VIDEO]

2 CIA Spies: Iran Is The Real Danger Behind North Korea Nuke Threat

Washington Post calls Trump Racist, Conservatives Denounce the Alt-Right

What's the Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives?

Better Late Tax Cuts Than Never!

Senator Ted Cruz calls for Investigation into Neo-Nazi Racist Terrorism

Bill Maher Slams CNN's Political Correctness, tells Immigrants to Assimilate

Dina Habib Powell: McMaster's Huma Abedin

Terrorism Knows No Color

UK “Journalist” says She doesn’t know Religion of Muslim Rape Gangs – It’s “Irrelevant”

Slandering a Good Man – No, H.R. McMaster is NOT Anti-Israel

DOJ Launches Civil Rights Investigation Into Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally

North Korea On Standby To Launch At Mainland US

The Last Days of Madness and the Coming Eclipse

The Day of the Eclipse

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Alt-Bias Smear Job

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