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Latest Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mitch McConnell Needlessly Speaks Against President about Charlottesville

What is Up with America's Nazi Fetish?

Another City Erases History, Atlanta could be Next

Iceland Uses Eugenics to "Eliminate" Down Syndrome, Media Cheers

CNN's Jake Tapper Admits that the Media was "More Supportive" of Obama

Obama Holdovers Still In Key National Security Council Jobs

This Is Why We Prepare: Terrorists Publish Plan To Strike A Critical Part Of America’s Infrastructure

10 Evils Parents Teach Their Kids By Sending Them To Public School

Erasing History

Why Antifa And The White Nationalists Are Basically The Same

Forget Charlottesville: Leftist Violence Breaks Out in Portland and Durham

To The Dust Bin of Hysteria

Man Appears in St. Louis Police PR Event Then Gets Murdered

Dana Perino Spouts Nonsense about Breitbart on Fox: “Nazi!”

Donald Trump Describes Charlottesville Clash; Media Acts Appalled

Here's How the Judge in the Bundy Ranch Trial is Undermining the Defense

Lincoln Memorial Tagged with Anti-Police Graffiti Amid Leftist Uprisings Nationwide

Trump Takes Presser Off The Rails to Attack Fake News Media

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