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BREAKING: Terrorist Attack in Barcelona!

Education Created and Promoted Progressivism, ANTIFA, and BLM

NAACP Leader Opposes Vandalism of Confederate Memorials

Mark Meckler Admits “Convention of States” Won’t Solve the Problem!

In America, Hate is Taught, But the Bible is Not

Here’s Where Massive Alt-Right Rallies Are Planned Across the Country This Weekend

Trump's Opioid "Solution" Isn't A Solution At All

Another City Erases History, Atlanta could be Next

This Senator belonged to the KKK, and this President Segregated the White House… Guess which Party they Belonged To

News You Can Use for August 17, 2017

Sucker Punch

NYT Admits Breitbart Diversity

Trump Administration Preserves America’s History: Good, Bad, and Ugly

The #1 Reason Hillary Clinton Would Have Made a Better President

Thugs Protest, Start Digging Up Body of Confederate General & KKK Leader

Ben Carson's Home Vandalized with 'Hateful Rhetoric About Trump'…Guess Who?

Female Protester Brags About Tearing Down Confederate Statue – Hours Later, She Was Arrested

Dr. Ben Carson Targeted By Angry Leftist Vandals After Charlottesville

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