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Bye Bye Bannon? Chief Strategist Allegedly Gets the Boot

Republicrats, Impeachment and the Silent Coup

NAACP Leader Calls for an End to "Senseless" Destruction

We Better Start Questioning

Charles Barkley is the Voice of Reason in the Aftermath of Charlottesville

Germans Call Out Angela Merkel as "Traitor"

Longtime Moderate Senator says President Trump "Doesn’t have a Racist Bone in his Body”

Two Close Aides of a Democrat Leader were just Indicted on Charges of Conspiracy Against the USA

CNN in Denial as Vehicular Jihad Comes to Barcelona

Leftist Radicals Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Trump Adviser Steve Bannon calls White Nationalists & alt-Right Irrelevant "Losers" and "Clowns"

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Slams Anti-Trump RINO for Lying

Muslim who Stabbed Cop at Michigan's Flint Airport: As "Soldier of Allah," My "Sole Purpose" Was to Kill Cops

Highest Officer In Military Attacks Bigotry After Service Chiefs Denounce Racism

The Modern Definition of a Hater = Tell the Truth

Socialism or Bust

North Korea’s Nukes Aren’t The Only Weapons Of Concern

Leftist Vision of America: Forbid Ideas

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