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Donald Trump is a Gentleman

Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter If North Korea Is Actually a Nuclear Threat

Report: Pentagon Program Allows Foreign Infiltration!

Can the New York Times Be Trusted With National Security?

LGBTQ? The Military Was Already Neutered In The 1990s

The United States Has Become A Nation Of Sheeple

On Trump and North Korea – Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein Completely Disagree

Retired Generals Duel Over Transgender Ban

Seymour Hersh Audio Leaked on Seth Rich!

Trump Administration Cracks Down and Cuts Funding to "Sanctuary Cities"

GOP Congressman says Special Counsel Mueller Must “Resign” because of “Conflict of Interests”

LISTEN Leaked Intern AUDIO of Jared Kushner: We “got the Israelis to Take Down the Different Forms of Surveillance”

When Dogs Are Better Trained Than Reporters!

“I’m Going To Redefine Terror”: Bay Area Resident Accused Of Aiding ISIS – Planned To Murder 10,000 People

What Would You Do To Fix America’s Rapidly Failing Health Care System?

Time To Remember

Princeton Buckles to PC Agenda, Offers Students 6 Different Genders

Woman Robbed at Gun Point After Pulled Over by Fake Cops

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