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Latest Sunday, August 20, 2017

Radical Left Now Stabbing Fellow Americans Over "Nazi" Haircuts

North Korea Makes Ugly Threat Ahead of U.S., South Korea Drills

Democrat Leader calls Dr. Ben Carson a "White-Wing Nationalist"

Boston Police Chief Praises Officers for Restraint in Dealing with Leftwing Thugs who Pelted them with Bottles of Urine

“Refuse Fascism” Communists Meet to Plan November Sedition, Riots to End Trump-Pence “Regime”

Germany: Journalist Gets 6 Months Jail for Posting Historic WWII Photo of German Leader Meeting Grand Mufti

"Let the Dead Bury their Dead"

CNN Normalizes Violence

Former Daily Show Host Concludes, 'Everyone Who is a Nazi Seems to Like Trump'

Dems Worry about the Culture War

Ignorant Americans Sign Petition to Remove George Washington from Dollar Bill

Unbelievable! Google Employee Creates GoFundMe to Send Statues to Mar-a-Lago

Woman Burned, Stabbed; Media Yawns [VIDEO!]

Kennedy Center Offers Gratitude After Trumps Decline Attending Annual Honors

Free Speech and High Tech Censorship Reach Crossroads

We're Still Waiting on Democrats to Denounce Antifa… and Waiting, and Continuing to Wait

President Trump & Twitter Legal Staff Receive Letter Calling for Justice From Censored Patriot

Julian Assange Ready to Blow Leftist Trump-Russia Story to Bits

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