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Latest Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Cleveland Browns Stage a Team Wide Protest Against our Nation

Defector Reveals The Biggest Threat To North Korea: “More Cracks Are Appearing In The Regime”

BLM Racist Communist Chanelle Helm Demands These Ten Things Of White People

Investigation shows that One House Democrat Paid $120K to Cover Up Possible IT Crimes

Total Eclipse Proves what a Joke Solar Energy is

Media Emphasizes Florida Cop Killer Everett Glenn Miller is Marine – Doesn't Tell You He's Also Muslim

USS John S. McCain Rammed by 600 Ft. Oil Tanker on Day of Solar Eclipse

The Civil War and the Democrat Distortion

Follow the Leader

Antifa Wins One: No America First Rally Because Fear of Violence [VIDEO]

Another Karl Marx Disciple Attacks Another Columbus Statue [VIDEO]

ISIS Women Means that Female Migrants Can Be a Threat

Louis Farrakhan: "They're Developing A Patsy For The Murder Of The President"

Thousands Sign Petition to Remove Statue of Virtuous Robert E. Lee & Replace with Foul-Mouthed Rapper Missy Elliott Statue

Judge: Facebook "Can Do Whatever It Wants, But Censorship Is A Very Dangerous Business"

The Solar Eclipse Was Racist According to Law School Professor

Black Conservative Candace Owens Rips Media's Fake "Race War" to Shreds

More Cowardly Overnight Statue Removals Hit University of Texas

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