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'Lack of Diversity' to Blame in Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman Death?

Another SJW Professor Cries: "All Republicans are Racist Scum"

Hitler Handler? Actress Calls Trump a Nazi, Forgot Her Own Ancestry

Dems: Trump Like a Nazi for How He Treats the Media

6,000 Children Victimized In Muslim Rape Gang Hotspot in 5 Years

Sweden Prepares to Deport Christian Convert to Iran – Hungary Offers Asylum

Antifa's Violent Racism Gets Official Designation from U.N.

Leftists Follow their Leader

Disassembly Line

Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised! Or Else?

Terrorism Censors a Concert in Rotterdam

Democrats Reject Trump Offer of Wall for “Dreamers”

90% of BLM & ANTIFA Rioters are Paid by Crowds on Demand via Craig's List and Google Ads

Trump Open to Government Shutdown If Border Wall Isn't Funded – Dems Push For Amnesty Deal

Communist Mayor Bill De Blasio Considers Removing Statue of Christopher Columbus

2 Acquitted of All Charges in Bundy Ranch Trial

New Climate Study Throws A Wrench In The Global Warming Debate

ESPN Yanks Asian Announcer Off Air Because His Name is "Racist"

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