Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Denver Officially Refuses Immigration Enforcement

Senator Sherrod Brown Calls For Ignoring Immigration Law for Illegal Invaders

Trump Promises:One Way or Another Mexico Will Pay for the Wall!

The Russia Inquisition Will Sweep Up Democrats

Lincoln Or Lee? What Would Hitler Say?

Is America Splitting?

Award Winning Journalist Calls on Congress to Investigate Obama's "Political Espionage"

DOD Allows Four Transgender Service Members To Attend MTV Awards, Advocate For LGBT Rights

“We’ve Already Arrested A Handful Of Looters”: Crime Spree Emerges In Houston In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Has Dumped 15 Trillion Gallons Of Water On Texas And May Be The Most Expensive Natural Disaster In U.S. History

Unmaking Antifa

Gender Nonbinary Coming to California Drivers' Licenses

Kamela Harris Tries to Make Trump Supporter Recant with Bogus Charge

Antifa Attacks Journalists, Bystanders, and Police in Berkeley

PR Nightmare: Joel Osteen's Church Closes Doors to Hurricane Victims

Horror-Story Threat: Floating Fire Ant Colonies in Flooded Texas

Berkeley: Leftists carrying “No Hate” Shields Violently Assault Trump Supporters

Teen Shot Seconds After He Tries To Steal Gun From Old Man

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