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LEAK: Transcripts of Trump's Calls with Foreign Leaders Surface

Why Trump Signed Stupid Congress’ Sanctions on Russia

We're No Longer Tolerating Leftist Celebrity Blather

Leaked Transcripts of Trump Calls with Mexico, Australia Hit Press

Sharia USA: Court Rules Residents Can’t Mention “Islam” or “Muslim” At Public Hearing

Will Denver Protect Illegal Immigrants from Feds

Department Of Veterans Affairs Fires DC Medical Center Director

Attorneys Call for City Representatives to Respect First Amendment Right of Naval Officer to Play 'Taps' in Honor of Fallen Heroes

If We Abolish the Welfare State, We wouldn't Need a Border Wall

News You Can Use for August 3, 2017

Another Raw Deal

Deportation Didn't Work: 20-Time Deportee Allegedly Rapes 65-year-Old Woman After Moving To Sanctuary City

Trump Effect Hits GOP Fundraising, Surpasses Obama's 6 Month Mark

Butcher Blackmailed to Post Animal Rights Propaganda

Kid Rock Leading GOP Senate Field in Latest Polling of Michigan Voters

Security Risk: Report Discovers Obama DoD Recruited More Than 10,000 Foreign-Born Individuals into US Military Via MAVNI

Two Can Play That Game: U.S. Tests Powerful ICBM in Show of Force

Cowboys Owner Tells Players: 'Stand for Anthem or You're off the Team'

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