Friday, August 4, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, August 4, 2017

Where Does Maxine Get Her Money? Democrat Leader's Tax Filings Raise Big Questions

ICE Does Its Job; California Retaliates

Bruce Willis' Newest Movies has Liberals Enraged, Come See Why

McMaster FIRES Another Top Counter Jihad Official at National Security Council

Ew That Smell

New CIA Declassified Report: CIA Likens Investigative Journalism with Enemy Foreign Espionage

Eric Garner's Family to Receive $4 Million From NYC

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: New York Confiscates Innocent Man's Firearms, Ends 2nd Amendment

Trump's Surgeon General Pick Schools Democrats on the Difference between Guns and Gun Violence

Deportation Didn't Work: 20-Time Deportee Allegedly Rapes 65-year-Old Woman After Moving To Sanctuary City

Sharia USA: Court Rules Residents Can’t Mention “Islam” or “Muslim” At Public Hearing

How Hillary Bullied Tiny Bangladesh To Help Clinton Foundation Donor

Al Gore Says Global Warming ‘Is A Moral And Spiritual Issue’

Attorneys Call for City Representatives to Respect First Amendment Right of Naval Officer to Play 'Taps' in Honor of Fallen Heroes

Major Announcement from Team Trump… A Democrat Governor is Switching Parties! UPDATED: With Governor's Announcement

Did the Susan Collins Airport Applause Event Really Happen?

The Leftwing Media is Ignoring the Most Important Scandal Happening Now

Trump Administration Cracks Down and Cuts Funding to “Sanctuary Cities”

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