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MSNBC Accidentally Proves that the Democrat Party is Toast

GOP Establishment Pouring Millions into Alabama Senate Primary in an Effort to Defeat Conservatives

The Hidden Costs of Illegals

Is Wasserman Schultz Guilty of Obstruction of Justice in Attempt to Keep Muslim IT Spy's Laptop from Police?

The Democrat's Road to Nowhere

Chelsea Handler Wants First Amendment Repealed to Criminalize Racist Jokes

Apple Trashes Trump, but Sells its Soul for Chinese Money

Should You Sell all of Your Gold and Silver to Go “All-In” on Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Elon Musk's Creepy Secret Cameras Installed in Tesla's Model 3

Transgender Craziness Illustrated: Male to Female to Male and Now Female Again

China Will Use Blockchain To Collect Taxes

Is The Deep State Plotting To Remove President Trump From Office Within The Next 6 Months?

Trump Clashing With Generals Over Afghanistan, But Officials Say He Will Likely Send Troops

Sharia UK: Christian Hospital Worker Punished for Speaking About Her Faith with a Muslim Loses Again in Court

Alan Dershowitz Destroys Maxine Waters

Jim Carrey Gets it Backwards, Leftists are the Ones Eating Babies

Road to Prosperity

When Will Europe Say, “Enough”?

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