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AZ Sentences Woman Who Locked 10-Year-Old Cousin in Trunk: Death

There Are No “Talking Points” in Law Enforcement

Trumpanomics: Job Openings Surge to Record Demand, Stocks Rise, Dollar Strengthens

Democrat Joe Manchin: 'I just don’t give a sh**' about Being Reelected

EXCLUSIVE: Researcher Claims To Have Evidence One Of EPA’s Most Successful Clean Air Rules Is Based On Fabricated Data

Still Think Our Elections Are Fair?: 11 California Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Voting Age Adults

Eric Bolling of Fox News: Unjustly Accused or Disgusting Pervert?

New York: Muslim diplomat protected by immunity after badly beaten wife taken to ER

Do Islamic Jihadis Really Lack A Basic Understanding of Islam?

GOP Establishment Pouring Millions into Alabama Senate Primary in an Effort to Defeat Conservatives

MS Bros

Google Sacks Diversity Heretic [VIDEO]

Major Sanctuary City Backs Down to Trump

Even Atheists Doubt Atheist Morality

Report: Former Trump Campaign Adviser Seeks Pardon For Bundy Patriots

POLL: Americans Ready to Commit Troops in North Korea to Topple Kim

Why Can Prosecutors Not Get Missing Shell Casings and Metal Fragment from Ryan Bundy's Shoulder in LaVoy Finicum Shooting?

Is Wasserman Schultz Guilty of Obstruction of Justice in Attempt to Keep Muslim IT Spy's Laptop from Police?

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