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Latest Friday, September 1, 2017

Enraged Liberals Might Reject Feinstein

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Resigns, Leaving for a Job in the White House?

Ole Miss Frat Boy Tosses Banana Peel in Tree, Racial Chaos Ensues

Protected from Price Gouging, Texans Fight Over Dwindling Supplies

Hunting In America: Big Bucks, Big Impact on the Economy

Prosecutors says that Democrat Leader's "Bribery Scheme went on for Years"!

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

Trump Wants Tax Cuts – RINOs In Congress May Block His Agenda

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath: 100,000 Homes Destroyed, A Million Vehicles Ruined And Bottled Water Being Sold For $99 A Case

Same Agenda Moving Forward Regardless of Who is the President! The Responsible Party is….

America's Toughest Sheriff

Google Threatened Website for Publishing Wrong Writer

Pope Francis Excuses Plundering the Poor

Hurricane Harvey Cartoon Explains what the Media Really Thinks of Christians, Conservatives, and Texans

More Than 60,000 People Are Calling on Trump to Designate George Soros a Terrorist

Trump Tells Missouri to Dump Senator McCaskill in 2018

A Lesson from Korea for the Whole World 

In Case Against FBI Sniper Who Shot At LaVoy Finicum, Ryan Bundy May Actually Have The Evidence

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