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NYT Columnist Charles Blow: 'We are Living in Hell'

ESPN Host calls President Trump a "White Supremacist" what ESPN did Next is Enraging America

Senator Rand Paul Explains Why We Must Repeal the AUMF

The Death Of Free Speech Is Imminent: Government Begins Censorship Of Media Through Disingenuous Means

Lawyer who was OK with Sexual Assault of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Faces Consequences

Pamela Geller: Trump Was ‘Adhering To The Sharia’ By Not Criticizing Islam In 9/11 Speech

Senator Warns Of Imminent Nuke Attack On Seattle…But A Law Forbids Them From Preparing

Leftist Latinos Demand End to Free Speech

Time to Check Out

Amendment To Fight Trump’s Transgender Ban Introduced In Senate

Testing Reveals Floodwater In Houston Homes Contain Toxins

Time to Checkout

Syrian Christians Still Blacked Out by the Mainstream Media

Hillary Ready to Fight Democrats

Democrats Move Left on Healthcare

News You Can Use for September 13, 2017

Police Seize Vendor's Money & Write Him a Ticket – Then More than $54,000 Is Raised for the Vendor

Did the Happiest Place on Earth Pull Deplorable Stunt During Irma?

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