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Latest Thursday, September 14, 2017

School: Chanting "USA" is Intolerant

Congress Passes Unconstitutional Resolution To Attacking Free Speech – Trump Eager To Sign It

Japan's Dire New Warning About North Korea Puts U.S., Britain on Notice

Hillary Demonstrates Bizarre Coping Mechanism With CNN Host

Hillary’s New Book Now Has A Rating Of 4.9 Out Of 5 Stars (After Hundreds Of 1 Star Reviews Were Deleted)

Before And After Satellite Images Of Irma’s Destruction In Caribbean

The Middle Class Is Being Destroyed: Only 25% Of All Americans Have $10,000 Or More In Savings

American Horror Story

Duke University Piloting Cult Brainwashing for Men

Superman Used against Donald Trump

Robert Redford Blames America for Trump

News You Can Use for September 14, 2017

Salty Clinton Tears Flow Abundantly: 'Bernie Didn't Give Me the Respect I Deserved'

US Debt Climbs Over $20 Trillion After Ceiling Debt Deal

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns After Fifth Child Sex Abuse Allegation

Just How Bad are Student Loans? 50% of Millennials Would Give Up Voting Rights to Erase Debt

Hillary Clinton Has Her Own Take on Orwell's "1984", And It's a Doozy

Video: GA Teacher Booted from Classroom After Making Trump, Nazi Reference

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