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Latest Friday, September 15, 2017

Japan On High Alert After Kim Jong Un Breaks His Own Distance Record

Train Terror in London as Bucket Bomb Explodes on Tube

“Moderate” Muslim Mosque Recorded Encouraging Children to Join ISIS

Repugnant Religious-Testing and Catholic Bashing

The Right To Be, Do, And Say Whatever You Want Is Under Threat Like Never Before

Proof! Democrat IT Team Routed Huge Amounts of Data to “Secret Servers,” Lied to Cover Crimes

Congress Exploits Natural Disaster to Raise the Debt Ceiling

Shock News: Hillary Knew that Benghazi’s Security was a Mess, Ordered Security Firm’s Silence

Leftist Performers Preach Politics and Division at Hurricane Recovery Benefit Concert

The Corruption of Atmospheric Science

St. Louis Afraid Murder Acquittal Will Provoke Riots [VIDEO]

News You Can Use for September 15, 2017

Former Facebook Executive: Google & Facebook are ‘Surveillance States’

Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste

Explosion At Fort Bragg Injures 15 Soldiers

Venezuela Has Officially Abandoned The Petrodollar – Does This Make War With Venezuela More Likely?

Are We talking about The Same President that Today's Conservatives are Propping up, or Someone else? Things are Not Lining Up!

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