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Latest Saturday, September 16, 2017

Russia Flexing Military Muscle in MASSIVE Drill Near Sovereign EU Nations

Black Lives Matter’s Violent Race Riots Ruin Rock Show in St. Louis

Polish President Lays Down The Law on European Union’s Asinine Policies

Radical Left Continues to Spread One Abhorrent Lie About POTUS Over Others

London Takes Terror Threat Level to The Tippy Top After Bucket Bomb

Californians Showing Signs of Rampant Paranoia Regarding Missile Defenses

Corruption? Obama’s Campaign Ad Team Received more than $60 Million in Federal Contracts

Multiple Sources says the “McMaster-Hezbollah” Story is All Wrong

Does Mother Nature have a Ph.D. in Global Warming?

Muslim Migrant Who Raped and Murdered EU Official's Daughter Makes Himself Out as the Victim

News You Can Use for September 16, 2017

GA Mayor Indicted, Used Campaign Money for Vacation and Porn

College Professor Suspended After Sick Tweet: 'It’s a Privilege to Teach Future Dead Cops'

Transparency in Government is Needed by Those Who Value Freedom

Trump Praises DACA Recipients Serving In Military, But Only One-Tenth Of A Percent Are In Service

Bitcoin Bloodbath May Become A Massacre As THREE Chinese Exchanges Confirm Shutdowns and More Are Coming

Rand Paul: Donald Trump Should Listen to His Base, Not His Generals

St. Louis Under Siege After Policeman Acquitted in Deadly Force Incident

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