Sunday, September 17, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, September 17, 2017

EXPLOSIVE New Threat Emerges in Wake of North Korea Nuke Tests

Trump’s UN Trip Will Be Security Spectacle for New York City

Four Americans in France Suffer Horrendous Injuries After Acid Attack

St. Louis Continues to Rage as Social “Justice” Eclipses Actual “Justice”

California Passes Bill Defying Federal Law and Reinforcing Sanctuary Status

Big Government is the Faith for People who have Lost their Religion

Hillary Clinton LOVES Big Brother

News You Can Use for September 17, 2017

Recorded: "Moderate" Muslim Preacher to Children: Martyrdom is Better than Success at School

Florida Farmers Say Irma’s Damage Is The Worst They’ve Ever Seen

Muslim Scholar: "Islam Came, Quite Frankly, As A Feminist Movement"

Islamic Call to Prayer: Listen to What the People of Brooklyn are Subjected to 5 Times Per Day

Hypocrisy: Facebook Offered "Jew Haters" Category To Target Ads

White House Says No Amnesty – Solution Appears Like Potato "Potahtow" Comparison

Paul Ryan: The "Nicest" Swamp Creature

Russia Flexing Military Muscle in MASSIVE Drill Near Sovereign EU Nations

Black Lives Matter’s Violent Race Riots Ruin Rock Show in St. Louis

Irma & Natural Disasters: God’s Wake-up Call?

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