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Latest Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hollywood Megastar Turns Against Clinton: “She’s Not Good At This”

“Free Speech” Officially CANCELED at UC Berkeley After Liberal Anarchy

Kim Jong Un’s Latest Threats are His Most Dire Warnings To Date

Good For Nothing Roger Goodell Has The Audacity to Scold POTUS?

Trump Delivers Important Executive Order on North Korea

Global Warming Leftists Agree with Some Christians… the End is Near

News You Can Use for September 24, 2017

Trump’s Take on National Anthem Kneelers Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

Could Kim Jong Un Possibly Slip One Past U.S. Missile Defense Systems?

Were Your State’s 2016 Voting Machines the Victim of an Attempted Hack?

North Korea Rocked By Earthquake Saturday Morning…Natural or Nuclear?

POTUS Admits A Mighty Misstep in Alabama Senate Race Endorsement

Trendy Gender Nazis Force Students to Rewrite Pledge of Allegiance

Marine Set to Become First Female to Graduate Infantry Officer Course Next Week

Atheists Fighting to Free Convicted Murderers?

News You Can Use for September 23, 2017

Crowdfunding Giant Shows Nasty Liberal Bias in Pulling Campaigns

Judge Roy Moore Gets ENORMOUS Endorsement from Trump Cabinet

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