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Latest Monday, September 25, 2017

In Trump’s War with The NFL, One American Hero Stands Alone

Crying Democrat Pervert Anthony Weiner Finally Learns His Fate

In Texas Leftists Violently Protest Against Nothing

The Left Embraces a Female Jihadi

Hypocrites! Trump’s Wall would Protect Massive Critical Habitat, but ‘Environmentalists’ want to Stop the Wall

President Trump Campaigns for Luther Strange, Slams the NFL Protests

After Obamacare Repeal Failure, President Trump Sets His Sights on Tax Reform

A Patriotic Tribute to the Red White and Blue

Remember these Iran Deal Lies that Obama Told Us?

SPLC Haters Strike Again, Cut off Funding for Christian Group

A Bomb Explodes the Global Warming Myth

News You Can Use for September 25, 2017

Could This Move in The Midwest be The Beginning of The End for Monsanto?

NFL Appropriates Black Lives Matter’s Culture by Aiming Protests at Trump

Hollywood Megastar Turns Against Clinton: “She’s Not Good At This”

“Free Speech” Officially CANCELED at UC Berkeley After Liberal Anarchy

Kim Jong Un’s Latest Threats are His Most Dire Warnings To Date

Good For Nothing Roger Goodell Has The Audacity to Scold POTUS?

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