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Latest Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Patriots Vow to Stand For Anthem This Week, But Were They Coerced?

Devastating: The DNC Hack Was an ‘Inside Job’!

The Chinese are Ripping Us Off – What will Trump Do About It?

Why Support Trump? Because He Fights           

The CIA: Manipulation and the Media – Revisiting Operation Mockingbird

Corrupt Democrat IT Team was Funneling Massive Amounts of Data off Government Servers, Democrats say it was just their Kids Homework!

Rock n’ Roll Has Been Calls Climate Change Skeptics “Morons,” Wants more Gun Control

Trump Confidante Roger Stone Slams Democrat Russia Lies in Opening Statement to Congress

We Need Visionaries on Capitol Hill

What Whiny, Rich Celebrities should be Protesting

What in the world is going on with the NFL?

The Jihad Against Freedom of Speech is Advancing & This Shows Just How Far It's Advanced

CBS Host Demonstrates Democrat Congressman is Lying about Russia

Ex-Muslim: “This ideology is the enemy of human progress, and if we do not fight back it will transform societies into something between Saudi Arabia and Iran”

Army Opens Investigation Into West Point Grad For Promoting Communism

News You Can Use for September 27, 2017

Terrifying New Details Emerge in Case of Otto Warmbier’s Torture

Hillary Panders to Progressives with Pathetic Putin Comparisons

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