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Latest Thursday, September 28, 2017

Defiant Congressmen Returns After Radical Left’s Assassination Attempt

Americans Tell Green Bay Where To Shove Their Invitation to Protest

Trump Jumps Into Action on Puerto Rico Relief with Massive Maneuver

Fears of Digital-Only Money System Exemplified by Puerto Rico Crisis

President Pulls the Plug on Pill Pushers with New Opioid Regulations

NFL Attempts to Control Narrative By Avoiding Shots of Angry Fans

NYC Refuses to Identify Strange Metal Towers Popping Up Near Bridges

Words Collide: NFL Boycotters and Historical Statue Topplers Join Forces

Don’t Understand the 1st Amendment? Don’t Run for Office

News You Can Use for September 28, 2017

DNC Hack Was an ‘Inside Job’!

Chelsea Manning Inspired Communist West Point Graduate To Infiltrate The Military

Mad Dog Mattis Had 5 Words for His Would-Be Assassins Today

Russian-Facebook Collaboration Unearthed With Unbelievable Twist!

Michelle Obama Insults American Women Everywhere in Latest Speech

The NFL is Now Losing Advertisers Over Ridiculous Anthem Protests

“Safe Space” at Berkeley Anything But Safe As Antifa Throws Punches

Roy Moore Bests Luther Strange in Alabama GOP Senate Runoff Election

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