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Liberal Professor Invents New Way To Be Offended: Invisibility MicroAgression

Nikki Haley Posts Tough Talk on North Korea During UN Meeting

George Clooney's Latest Project is an Insult to Every Trump Voter

African-American Parents Suing School for Black Bullying [VIDEO]

Public School Teacher Kicks Kids Out of Class for Wearing MAGA T-shirts, Compares to Nazi Symbols

Mattis and Trump Warn North Korea of "Massive" and "Overwhelming" Military Response if they Continue to Act Out

The Cost of Equality: Woman Raised by LGBT Couple Talks about Unhappiness, “I was Lied to…"

How a Show of Unity Angers the Left

President Trump Promises Texas – "We will support you today, tomorrow, and the day after"

Trump Ends DACA, However There's a 6-Month Delay

What’s the Point of Mass Muslim Migration?

Disappearing Pamela Geller

Check out how Cops are Getting Back at Flag-Disrespecting NFL Players

Governor Declares State of Emergency After Largest Fire in LA History Rages Out of Control

A Federal Judge Meddles in Indian Affairs

Yellowstone Approaches Record Levels Of Seismic Activity

World War 3? The United States And North Korea Stand On The Brink Of A Nuclear War

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