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Latest Tuesday, September 5, 2017

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris slams anti-American Colin Kaepernick

BLM Rabid Animals Repudiated at Philadelphia Back the Blue Rally

GA Woman Kidnapped from Grocery Store, Sexually Assaulted

Philadelphia's Police Union President calls BlackLivesMatter Activists "a Pack of Rabid Animals"

Trump to Face 'Critical Fall' or Just Mainstream Media Hype?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Officially Rescinds DACA, Leftists Go Crazy

Lawyer Preparing to Sue CNN for Defaming All Trump Voters

Suburbicon: George Clooney's Latest Film Insults All Trump Supporters

Notorious ISIS Preacher Indicted In New York While Living In Jamaica

Hurricane Irma Projected To Reach Category 5 And Hit The East Coast – Panic Prepping Begins In Florida

Labor Days

Hand-Wringing Indecision on Counting Antifa as Street Gang

Social Security Pays Dead Veterans

Twitter Sides with Teaching Children Anal Sex, Bans Critic [VIDEO]

Trump to Announce End to Obama's DREAMer Program

Political Correctness Hits New Low in Removal of Honest Abe Likeness

Sheriff in Texas Has Stern and Unforgettable Warning for Looters

High School Teacher In Georgia Compares MAGA Hats to Swastikas

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