Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sincere Hurricane Harvey Volunteers Stopped From Helping Victims By Police

Emergency Declarations Issued by President Trump As Hurricane Irma Approaches

Chinese Scientists Warn: Cave-In Detected At North Korean Nuclear Test Site, Mountain Could Implode And Spew Radiation Over Entire Region

Anglican Archbishop Rebukes Church for Going Pansexual Left

Keep Hate Alive

The Tragedy of Harvey and The Need for Constitutional Prayer

Regnery Publishing Declares Independence of New York Times “Bestseller” List

Al Gore Kindle Book Doesn’t Sell as Well as the Refutation

Couple Flies in from India to Help Son Beat His Wife [VIDEO]

Congress Oversees Spies by Relying on Spies

The Truth About Abraham Lincoln and Slavery in the US – WARNING: Your Public Indoctrination Is About To Be Exposed

Aspiring Preacher Takes Cough Medicine Before Bed, Wakes Up to Find Wife Murdered

The Storms are Coming….Are you Prepared? Here's 15 Things to Do

Liberal Extremists Cause Chaos in DACA Protests, Violence Forthcoming

Not-President Obama Sticks Nose in DACA Fray To Embolden Radical Left

NYPD Openly Revolting Against Trump, Refuse to Fingerprint DACA Protestors

Rahm Emmanuel Revises Reality to Dump Trump from Chicago Schools

Federal Judge Fines Planned Parenthood Investigator David Daleiden $200,000 – Says Nothing About Murder Mill's Unlawful Actions

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