Saturday, September 9, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, September 9, 2017

High School Bans Old Glory, Gets NASTY Surprise in Return

New Hillary Excuse: Russians Helped Bernie

Clinton Aide Now Mutating Russia Collusion Story To Implicate Who?!

Lindsey Graham: Ruinous RINO

The Trump Era Inspires Investor Optimism

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Blames Trump for Hurricanes

Tearing Down Historic Monuments: Is Thomas Jefferson’s Next?

Guess who Hillary Clinton is Blaming for Her Loss Now?

Huge CA House Bust: Over $1 Million in Marijuana Plants Found

Fired Google Engineer James Damore: Leftists Can't See the Echo Chamber They're In

Infectious Mosquitoes Are Popping Up In New Regions

Video: Idiot Californians Congratulate North Korea on Creation of Hydrogen Bomb

Does This Wall Street CEO Want to Be the Next Democrat Candidate?

More Unconstitutional Spending In Debt Ceiling Compromise

The Southern Poverty Law Center's War on Religion Exposed

Florida Sheriff Will Check For Warrants At FL Hurricane Shelters

White House Lifting Legal Hurdles to Aid in Irma Evacuations

Hillary Clinton Isn't the Only Criminal the Trump Administration Isn't Going After

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