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Latest Monday, January 1, 2018

Guess What’s Racist Now? Farmers Markets!

Donald Trump Has Trimmed Thousands of Government Workers, But So Far it is Tens of Thousands Too Few

Tough Trump Tells Democrats – ‘No Wall, No DREAMers’!

Winning! Trump Kills Wasteful $13 BILLION Obama Project

The Lid’s List of 2018 Predictions

Young Americans want a New Political Party to Choose From

The People’s Democratic Republic of California

So, Did Rosie O’Donnell Commit a Federal Crime?

Erasing Racism

News You Can Use for January 1, 2018

Virginia Democrat Congressional Candidate Indicted In Near Million Dollar Fraud, Embezzlement Case

Unsealed Documents Expose How Prosecution Attempted Rig Bundy Ranch Trials

Veteran Owned Gun Shop Needs Your Help – Thieves Break In & Steal More Than 30 Guns In Under 60 Seconds!

Vaccines & Vampires: How Shooting Up Dead Baby Bits Became “Normal” In America

Trump to NYT: "I Have Absolute Right To So What I want To Do With The Justice Department"

German Jews Need Police Protection

Record-Breaking Cold Worst in a Century!

Audience Resisting Hollywood Climate Change Propaganda

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