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Democrats Say ‘Dreamers’ are Key to Their Future, Will Trump Deliver Amnesty and a New Democrat Voter Block?

More FBI Corruption? Text Messages Spur Congress to Investigate

Hey Oprah – there is No Such Thing as ‘Your Truth’

Conservatives Must Remain Consistent Regarding Unemployment

The Incongruity of Feminism

News You Can Use for January 10, 2018

On Unemployment, Conservatives Need To Remain Consistent

Google’s New ‘Fact-Check Feature’ Targets Conservative Sites

The Madness of the Anti-Trump Shrinks

Muslim To Teenage Army Cadets: “Be Careful… Me & My ISIS Brothers Will Kill You All”

Wacky Washington Governor Jay Inslee: ‘We Have Just 59 Days…To Save Our Children’ From Global Warming

Any Day Now

Another Record-Breaking Economic Indicator: Small Business Optimism

ADMITTED: Dems Will Import Voters to Defeat American Electorate [VIDEO]

Americans Have Found That a New Search Engine is Exposing Personal Data. Have You Searched Your Name Yet?

Infamous Wall Street Exec Says Four-Percent Growth Ahead

Columbus? Confederate? Destroy Them All, Say Notre Dame Students

Google Adds Phony “Fact Checker” To Conservative Search Results

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