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Did He or Didn’t He: The Trumped Up Controversy over Trump’s ‘Sh**hole’ Comment

Scandals Oprah Needs to Answer To if She is Running for President

DACA: ‘A Bill Of Love’ Or A Bill Of Goods?

Why Carbon Taxes Actually Cause Higher Carbon Emissions

A Brain in Jail

News You Can Use for January 12, 2018

What Is Liberty Without Virtue? It Is Madness, Without Restraint!

Trump Denies Making Comment About "Sh*thole Countries" in DACA Meeting – But The Real Point Is About Illegal Aliens

Palestinian Authority Paid Nearly $350 Million In 2017 To Islamic Jihad Terror Families

American Feminists Vs. Iranian Women

Hungarian Prime Minister Hits Nail On The Head: Refugees Are Actually "Muslim Invaders"

NY Democrat Pamela Harris Advocated For Poor, But Indicted For Stealing Hurricane Funds & Trying To Cover It Up

Arpaio Doubles Down In Senate Race: Obama's Birth Certificate Is A "Phony Document"

The Shadow Knows

House Votes to Empower Deep State

CNN’s Racist Trump Is Fiction

Hillary’s Top Operative, Huma Abedin, LIED to the FBI About Illegally Storing Secret Documents on a Personal Computer

CNN Praises Trump Immigration Summit, but there’s Reason for the GOP to be Wary

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