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Trump-Boom Continues – Chrysler to Invest $1 Billion into Michigan

News You Can Use for January 13, 2018

Noah Wall: The Little Boy Born With 2% Of Brain Now Speaking, Counting and Learning

Moby Admits to Helping CIA Coup Attempt against Trump [VIDEO!]

The TSA Can't Find This Gun!

Italian Mayor: It's "Beautiful" To Be "Invaded By Migrants"

SC Gov Urges Bill to Counter Campus Antisemitism

US Considers ‘Bloody Nose’ Strategy Against North Korea

About Trump’s Alleged ‘Sh**hole’ Comment – He Usually Defends His Comments, Not Deny Them

Chinese Communists Dynamite Church

Precious Progressive Moment: Dem AG Candidate Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago

Vatican’s War on Trump Has Papal Paper to Wading Into S—hole Muck

Kim Jong Un Spooked as Air Force Puts Stealth Bombers on Doorstep

Pink Hats Could Spark The Long-Predicted Transgender vs Feminist War

Twitter Employees Leak News on Fascist, Left Wing Oppression at Work

Maddow Radicalizes Viewer Into Threatening to Hunt and Kill Republicans

Feinstein Accuses Trump of Trying to Promote 'Homogenous, White Society'

Boston Cops Give Feds The Finger Over Sessions’ Pathetic Pot Policy

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