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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Has a Long History of Lies and Calumny

How Can Trump Negotiate on Immigration when He’s Getting Called a ‘Racist’?

Senators Perdue and Cotton say ‘Sh**hole’ Comment a Lie

Will California Soon Graduate the Nation’s Dumbest Students?

I Told You So: Trump Concedes Everything to Democrats on Illegal Immigration

Oprah is No Moderate – She’s as Left Wing as they Come

The TSA Snags Another Terrorist… Not

News You Can Use for January 15, 2018

Ex-Muslim Catholics to Pope Francis: “Naiveté in the face of Islam is suicidal and very dangerous”

What to Do When Squirrels Infest the Church Building!

Canada: Trudeau Asked Why Security Higher For Anti-Jihad Speaker Than For Himself

Airstrike Rains Down Vengeance on Afghan Insurgents Who Lured US Military Into A Meeting & Wounded Soldier

Why Is There An Outrage By Mainstream Media Over What Trump Said About Other Countries?

Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across US – More Than 100 Dead

Shut Up and Conform

Lookin' For Love

Lindsey Graham Wants GOP to Betray Trump Voters

Rand Paul Defended Trump as a Compassionate, Generous Person on MEET THE PRESS

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