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Latest Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Economists say Credit Trump, Not Obama, for Roaring Economy

Inconvenient (for Democrats) Truths about the Republican Party

Claiming ‘Sh**hole’ is Unprecedented Presidential Rhetoric is Liberal Bulls**t

Confirmed: FBI Used Clinton-Funded Fake Dossier to Get Unjust FISA Warrants Against Trump

The New Yorker’s Power Politics Behind the Jerusalem Rejection

The Democrat’s Dilemma: Immigration & the Welfare State

Facebook is Changing – Here’s what You Need to Know

News You Can Use for January 16, 2018

Maxine "Mad Max" Waters Invents Fictional MLK To Justify Her Actions

More Muslim Faked Hate: 11-Year-Old Muslima Lied About About Being Attacked For Wearing Hijab

Oh No You Didn't

Trump Blasts Durbin for Blowing DACA

University of Iowa Attempts to Abolish Christian Student Groups

Fewer than 10% Trust Mainstream Media

#MeToo Movement Lampooned By New Accusations Forming From Regret

Hillary Groupie McAuliffe Won’t Say “NO” To Physically Attacking POTUS

Las Vegas Shooter Conspiracies CONFIRMED By FBI Release?!

Hawaii Horror: Missile Alert Rattles Civilians for 40 Minutes, But Police…

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