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Conservative Professor Leaves Reporter Speechless Proving Free Speech Trumps Feelings

DHS Chief Tells Liberal Senators Saying She DID NOT Hear President Trump Say ‘SH**hole’

The Elusive Pursuit of Peace

Democrats to Force Military to Go Without Pay in Favor to Illegal Immigrants

New FCC Rule Pushed by White House Not Friendly to Rural Trump Supporters

No More Besties

CIA-Tied Jeff Bezos Donates $33 Million For Illegal Aliens For DACA Scholarships

"My Next Guests Need No Introduction…" – MLK & Obama

Fake Muslim Hate: Police Find No Evidence Of Scissor Attack On Muslim Girl Because She Wore A Hijab

Economists: Don't Credit Obama For Roaring Economy – Credit Trump

Another Hawaii Emergency Broadcast System Now Broadcasting Their Passwords

Media Meltdown

Donald Trump Empowers Women

News You Can Use for January 17, 2018

British Police Crack Down on Pedophile Hunters

Chuck Schumer Offers Indulgence for Racism in Exchange for Amnesty

George Soros Doubles Down against Populist Surge

Californians Boldly Declare Independence, Secede From…California?

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