Thursday, January 18, 2018 - Revere Report

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Looming Government Shutdown Starting To Look More Like A Meltdown

Trump Administration Installs Religious Protections for Healthcare Workers

President Trump and Chief of Staff Send Mixed Signals on Border Wall

TRUMP EFFECT: You Won’t Believe What POTUS Fixed Now!

News You Can Use for January 18, 2018

CNN Conspiracy Theorists Stelter & Acosta Refuse Physician's Declaration Trump Fit For Office

House Report: Muslim Spies Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To Congressional Servers

Professor Blows Reporter Away On Free Speech Vs Being Offended

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" Director Offers Trump $100,000 To Charity Of Choice If He Is Accurately "Weighed"

Code Blue

Apple Responds to Trump Tax Code: Invests in U.S.

Jeff Flake’s Stalin Smear against Donald Trump

More Economic Good News: Factory Production Rises

Songbird McCain Rips POTUS Again, This Time Over His New…

Sexist Dem Senator “Mansplains” and Verbally Attacks Female DHS Head

FAKE NEWS: CNN Ignores POTUS Dr. Report, Predicts HEART ATTACK

Trumps Calls Putin to Carpet Over North Korea Sanctions Scam

ISIS and Tesla: A Match Made in Jihadist Heaven?

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