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Is Elon Musk’s “Rockstar” Status Costing Taxpayers Billions and Harming National Security?

Bombshell! Trump Pulls Funding from the U.N. and Palestinians

Trump Diagnoses the Democrats – ‘They want a Shutdown’

The Mainstream Media has Finally Snapped and Gone Insane

CNN has become the ‘Shi*hole’ News Network

CNN says Trump has “Heart Disease,” is that True?

News You Can Use for January 19, 2018

Will American People Get to See Government Crimes? [VIDEO]

Congressmen Call Out FISA Abuse: "Is This Happening In America Or Is This The KGB?"

Congressman: "Credible Evidence" Of “Terrorist Infiltration Through the Southern Border” Related To Las Vegas Shooting

And The Winners Of The Fake News Awards Are…

The New Civil Rights Hero-The Oppressed Victim of Circumstance, Colin Kaepernick?

On The Edge Of A Government Shutdown… Again

Facebook: ‘It’s Time To Pull Out All The Stops Of Censorship’


Media Wants Us to Fear a Government Shutdown

U2 Hate Video Calls Trump Voters Klansmen

"Undocumented" Neck Stabber Has Been Deported Many Times

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