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Latest Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Former Trump Confidante Bannon called Trump an ’11-Year Old Child,’ Considering Run in 2020

The One Story That Best Sums Up CNN’s Status as Laughing Stock

Former FBI Asst. Director – ‘5th Estate’ at FBI was Planning ‘Something’

The Solution to the Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Problems

President Trump Really is ‘Draining the Swamp’

A Nigerian Scammer just Got Caught

News You Can Use for January 2, 2018

Attorney Who Sued DNC For Fraud Claims Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas Were Witnesses In His Case

Pen-Head Eraser

Under Trump Fewer Refugees Admitted

Report: Chris Matthews Is Projecting Himself on Trump

Iran’s Islamic Regime Shuts Down Free Speech in Revolutionary Fight

North Korea Claims U.S. Annihilation “One Button Push” Away

Democrats Crowing For 2018 Get ROCKED By Latest Poll Numbers

FAKE NEWS: CNN’s Tokin’ New Year’s Eve Coverage Went Off The Rails

Kim Tucks His Tail and Offers Diplomatic Concession Toward South Korea

Trump Dedicates January to Fighting Human Trafficking

Iranian Revolution Gains Support From Nikki Haley and POTUS

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