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Google Announces End of Fact-Checks for Conservative Sites after Public Backlash

News You Can Use for January 20, 2018

Judge Dismisses 1 Charge In Michigan Female Genital Mutilation Case

The Justin Trudeau U.S. NAFTA Campaign Will Skip Trump

Trump Continues Winning Streak: Withholds Additional $45 Million From Jihad Terror-Linked UNRWA

Poll Shows Global Confidence In US Leadership Down – Experts Say It’s Because Of Major Trump Foreign Policy Shakeup

Trump: Democrats Want A Government Shutdown To Get Off Subject Of How Good The Tax Cuts Are

The Syrian Refugee Imam In North Carolina Who Wants Jews Dead

Donald Trump Supports Life Like No Other President

Einstein and NASA Come to Wild Conclusion About Global Temperatures

Vegas Investigation Details Emerge: New Suspects, Child Porn Discovered

Omarosa Believed to have Secretly Recorded White House Conversations

Trump Allegedly Turned Down Deal with Schumer

Schumer’s Shutdown Still Likely After Dems Leave Negotiating Table

How Many False Nuclear Alarms Are We Going To Have This Month?!

FBI’s FISA Memo Scandal is Big News, But Snubbed by Mainstream Media

Trump Breaks Tradition and Speaks Directly to March For Life in D.C.

Former Obama Secret Service Agent On FISA Memo: "The Real Obama, The Vengeful Narcissist, Is Going To Be Exposed For All To See"

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