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Former Federal Prosecutor: Obama Admin Plotted To Exonerate Hillary Clinton

ESPN Leads Charge to Ban Singer from NHL All Star Performance

Border Wall Prototypes Tested: You Won’t Believe How They Fared!

Beijing Makes INSANE Claim About U.S. Warship in South China Sea

Ivanka Fan Club Cultivates Hope For Future Presidential Bid

Flashback Video: Obama's Own Words Condemn His Unlawful DACA EO & Sanctuary Cities

NSA Deleted Surveillance Data It Was Under Court Order To Maintain In Electronic Frontier Foundation Lawsuit

It's Time To Rid Our Country Of Treasonous Dog Politicians Who Put Welfare Of Illegals Before US Citizens

SCHUMER’S SHUTDOWN: Congress Scrambling to Reopen The Swamp

Childish! Schumer Says 'Negotiating with Trump is Like Negotiating with Jell-O'

McCain Says We All 'Share Responsibility’ for Government Shutdown

House Intel Committee Officially Starts Process To #ReleaseTheMemo

White House: Obama Administration Weaponized Shutdown in 2013

Trump: Democrats Want A Government Shutdown To Get Off Subject Of How Good The Tax Cuts Are

Rolling Stone: #ReleaseTheMemo Popular Due To Russian Bots

NeverTrump Conservative Is Now a Trump Supporter One Year Later

Google Announces End of Fact-Checks for Conservative Sites after Public Backlash

Twitter Blames Russian Bots for #ReleaseTheMemo Trend

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