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Latest Ad from Team Trump says Democrats ‘Complicit’ in Murders Committed by Illegal Immigrants

You Can’t Be Both a Liberal AND an American at the Same Time

No One is Really Offended by Shi*hole-gate, Not Even Democrats

Secretary of Defense Mattis Issues Perfect Response to Democrat Shutdown of Government

Watch: Barack Obama SLAMS Democrats for Shutting Down the Government

Mass Transport of Illegal Aliens Across the Border is Still Happening

News You Can Use for January 22, 2018

Today’s Young Muslims Are Yesterday’s Nazi Youth

What You Can Actually Expect From the Government Shutdown

CNN Has Become The "Sh*thole" Network & Here's Why

Blame The Entire #SchumerShutdown On Democrats

Mining CEO Warns Of Massive Deficits: “We’re At Critical Levels… Less Than 10 Days Of Supply”

Biggest Scandal In D.C. Since Watergate & Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About #ReleaseTheMemo


Chris Matthews Cautions Dems That Trump Might Win in 2020

Trump’s Nuclear Option Rejected by McConnell [VIDEO]

ESPN Leads Charge to Ban Singer from NHL All Star Performance

Border Wall Prototypes Tested: You Won’t Believe How They Fared!

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