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John Kerry to Palestine: Ignore The President, He’ll Be Gone Soon

Doomsday Clock Ticking Ever Closer to Midnight Say Scientists

Trump Tax Cuts Have Home Depot Doing The Unthinkable to Employees

Meghan McCain Hints at Libertarian Future For Young Republicans

Julian Assange May Be In More Dire Trouble Than Previously Imagined

PETA is Putting The “Mental” Back in “Environmental” With Meat Tax Talk

News You Can Use for January 25, 2018

Court Documents: Former FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Florida 9/11 Probe

State Dept Hiding ‘Game Changer’ Report That Obama Had Classified on Myth of Palestinian Refugees

Was It Islamic Jihad In Toronto?

DC Comedian Tim Young Changed Position On Guns After Feeling ‘Level Of Helplessness’ During Armed Robbery

Don't Do It!

Congressmen: "Corruption At The Highest Levels Of The FBI"

Roger Stone Warns Trump Not to Meet with Mueller: 'It's a Suicide Mission'

MSNBC Needs Twitter Purge So They Can Not Lose Arguments

Trump Defiantly “Looking Forward” to Meeting with Misguided Mueller

Did China Cross A Massive Ethical Line in Their Latest Cloning Stunt?

Chuck Schumer’s Landscaping Figuratively Mangled By Protesting Illegals

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