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Not To Be Outdone By POTUS, Hillary Takes Her Potty Mouth To Twitter

Melania Trump asks to Borrow Painting, Disrespectful Museum Director Instead makes Disgusting Offer

Honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day

News You Can Use for January 27, 2018

Did Second Suspect In Las Vegas Shooting In Adjacent Room Exit Via Hotel Room Door?

America, Roe v. Wade is not Law!

Trump: We'll Cut Off Money to “Palestinians” if Leaders don’t Engage in Peace Negotiations

This Is A Civil War

Obama Pentagon Issued Security Clearances They Shouldn’t Have

FedEx Announces Good News Due to Trump’s Tax Reform

Congressional Bill Would Force Americans to Carry Biometric ID Card

Bipartisan Group of Legislators Send Stern Message to POTUS on Pot

POTUS Pounces on New York Times Over “Fake” Mueller Dismissal Story

UC Berkeley and DOJ Set To Butt Heads Over The First Amendment

Russian Military’s Latest Sneaky Move Puts Entire Globe on Alert

Recovered Texts From Floozie FBI Agents Show That Clinton Was…

GOP Super PAC Invests in $1.5M Ad for Special Election in PA

The Philadelphia Eagles, Fans, Local Law Enforcement and Roger Goodell Should be Ashamed of Themselves

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