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FBI Docs Claim RT Founder Beat Himself to Death in His Hotel Room

Philadelphia Muslim Who Shot Cop Refuses To Enter Plea: “I Don’t Plead To Anyone But Allah”

Ambassador John Bolton to Sky News’ Kay Burley: "You Are a Munchkin in the Media”

Trump’s Tough North Korea Talk Worked! Kim Calls for Unified Korea!

Bombshell Report: Hillary Clinton Protected Senior Adviser Who Was Accused Of Constant Sexual Harassment of Young Staffer

Grammy Awards Set To Pack Progressive Politics into Sunday Broadcast

Google Unable to Protect Employees From Harassment, Say Workers

Bill Maher Makes Yet Another Trump-Nazi Comparison for “Resistance”

Whoa! Dershowitz: 'I Wouldn't Have Campaigned for Obama If I'd Known….'

Not To Be Outdone By POTUS, Hillary Takes Her Potty Mouth To Twitter

Sad! Moore Pathetically Babbles on About Trump….Again

DACA & Illegal Immigration Solution: Deport Them All – Arrest Those Who Harbor Them

US Becoming A Republic With "Degrees" Of Enforcing Law

Trump Says He 'Deeply Respects' African Leaders

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Force RNC Finance Chairman to Resign

Weinstein’s Assistant Allegedly Forced to ‘Clean Up the Semen’

Melania Trump asks to Borrow Painting, Disrespectful Museum Director Instead makes Disgusting Offer

Byron York: FBI Suppresses Most of the Texts

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